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Take our quiz to see if a personalized, customized health approach is the best option for you.

Have previous medical treatments failed to help you meet your health goals?
Are you seeking integrative holistic medical care which may include the following?
• Conventional Medicine
• Naturopathic and Osteopathic Medicine
• Functional Medicine
• Homeopathic Medicine
• Cellular Medicine
• BioEnergetic Therapy
• Mind-Body Medicine
• OsteoChiropractic Medicine
• Prayer
Do you have health concerns that other providers cannot or will not address?
Would you agree that healing the body at early phases of “dis-ease” (preventive medicine) is a better approach than illness management?
Do you acknowledge that identifying the underlying root cause of your symptoms will lead to more profound and longer lasting results?
Do you believe nutrition, stress, genetics, environmental and psychological factors should be examined and addressed by your physician?
Is treating the body as a whole instead of a collection of symptoms important to you?
Would you agree that cells become tissues, and tissues become organs and organs become systems which in turn group together to become the human body?
Do you think it is important to restore health at the cellular level?
Should incorporating the best diagnostic tools from conventional medicine as well as new emerging technologies to identify biochemical imbalances at the cellular level be a part of your medical plan?
Would you like a staff member from the Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness to contact you to answer any questions?

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