Prevent Breast Cancer. S.T.O.P.-I.T! is an Integrative Holistic Breast Health Program for all women. Breast cancer is the number one female cancer, afflicting one out of eight women over a lifetime. Most women who develop breast cancer have little or no family history of the disease. This is known as sporadic breast cancer. However, evaluating biomarkers associated with increased risk of breast cancer and then implementing targeted therapy to improve them, will impact both current and future breast health, thereby decreasing the risk of sporadic breast cancer. S.T.O.P.-I.T! is a successful proactive program designed to prevent breast cancer occurring in the first place or detecting breast cancer at such an early stage that the treatment success rate is very high.

The best war on breast cancer is to prevent it from occurring in the first place… Dr. Salter’s unique and sophisticated program incorporates.

  • Whole BodyThermography
  • MammaCare breast exam
  • Blood and Urine Testing – evaluating hormone balance, toxic burden, detoxification, and immune system integrity
  • Bioenergetic analysis for healthy breasts based on Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH)
  • Breast P.H.L.U.F.F.I.N.G (Personal Hand Lymphatic Undulation Flow Facilitation) – watch this video
  • Personalized recommendations for additional diagnostic breast imaging, nutrition for breast health, lifestyle for breast health, nutritional supplementation and essential oils for breast health.

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