If you have been frustrated before and have failed at weight loss…

One of our weight loss programs could be the answer for YOU.

  • LipoLight Technology, as a stand-alone procedure, provides instant results with no pain, no downtime, and no side effects. Lose 2-4 dress sizes in 3 weeks.

What are the 5 most important reasons to call The Centre For Vibrant Health and Wellness and schedule a consultation today to start your weight loss program today?

  1. You’re overweight 20-30 pounds or more and over 40. (You are at a huge risk of developing vascular disease and Type II Diabetes)
  2. You’ve lost weight in the past but have gained it back and now it is more difficult than ever to lose weight. (Your hormones have changed and are fighting you to keep the weight on. We address that.)
  3. You’ve been told that you have a slow metabolism and cannot lose weight. (Metabolism can be altered and increased by following a few simple rules.)
  4. You’ve plateaued in your weight loss program and no matter how many exercises you do, or how few calories you consume, you cannot budge the scale. (Our LipoLight technology targets subcutaneous fat and will actually ‘melt’ away those inches you have not been able to lose.)
  5. You want to get rid of you stubborn fat so badly that you are considering some invasive surgical procedure with risky complications.

Physician Supervised Metabolic Medical Weight Loss

If your goals are to become healthier, feel better, and look amazing, then call now to kick off your SLIM DOWN-FIRM UP MEDICAL METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. 

What would your life be like if you

….were healthier?

…could control your weight?

…had the self-confidence you desire?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists multiple health consequences of overweight and obesity including heart disease, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gallstones, arthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, colon cancer, breast cancer and many more.

A weight reduction as small as 10 percent can significantly reduce an individual’s health risk.

The “SLIM DOWN-FIRM UP” program is a unique Medical Metabolic Weight Loss Program based on real science at theCentre For Vibrant Health And Wellness.

As a physician trained and board certified in non-surgical weight loss also known as Bariatric Medicine, Dr. Salter offers what non-medical weight loss programs cannot – a medically supervised program geared to help you:

  • become metabolically healthy,
  • increase your chance of weight loss success,
  • and maintain the weight loss for the rest of your life.

ThisIntegrative Holistic MedicalVHIP combines prescription medications, bio identical hormone restorative therapy (BHRT), essential oils (aromatherapy), herbs (botanical medicine), homeopathic medicines, and vitamin & mineral supplements (orthomolecular medicine), in a tailored personalized way. Your program will focus on permanent fat loss, muscle gain and fitness resulting in a better quality of life.

The process begins with a comprehensivemedical evaluation that includes blood, urine and saliva biomarkers associated with dysfunctional fat composition and metabolism; the program continues with regular surveillance and monitoring of those biomarkers and body composition.

A personal Nutritional Program is designed based on the findings of the medical evaluation.

Psychological supportis a key component of our SLIM DOWN-FIRM UP program. Identifying food triggers and the difficulties experienced in previous weight loss efforts are key to long term success. In addition, you will receive support in modifying behaviors that have prevented past success.

Studies show that an activity/exercise plan is essential for long term weight loss maintenance. A personalizedactivity prescription will be designed to ensure your success.

FDA approved medications for weight lossas well as personalized Bio-identical Hormone Restorative Therapy (BHRT) are incorporated as needed.

Slim Down- Firm Up clients also have the benefit of cellular rejuvenation through innovative Medi-Spa modalities along with T-Zone Whole Body Vibration (WBV). WBV has been shown to increase lean muscle mass and stimulate metabolism; in addition, the hormones that are stimulated with WBV training also have a significant influence on reducing fat tissue.

Effective, affordable and easy to do, theSlim Down-Firm Up Metabolic Weight Loss Programreshapes body contours resulting in a new look for a new you.

A 1000 mile journey begins with a small step.

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