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I love Dr. Salter!!!!! She is the best doctor I have ever had!!!!! I truly believe she has more ways of helping you heal than any other doctor around. She is always looking for more and more ways to help you be healthy. She is very passionate about her practice and her patients.. She is always available when you need her, other than when she is in an airplane. She is amazing, and her staff is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Helen F.

“I was having memory problems such as forgetting names; I implemented Dr. Salter’s supplement and lifestyle recommendations, and as a result, my memory has significantly improved.”


I was looking for a new doctor that was collaborative concerning my health. I felt ‘old’ physically. I ached all over all the time, especially my knees. Dr. Salter has been an answer to my prayer! She is collaborative, looks for root causes, and was able to design a healthy lifestyle program for me that I follow. I eat healthy, exercise often, take fewer medications (working towards getting off all of them), and feel the best I have ever felt in my body. Knee pain is gone. I can do things that I was unable to do before collaborating with Dr. Salter on my health. I recommend Dr. Salter to anyone that is serious about a healthy lifestyle. Hats off to Christine as an excellent MA.


I have been coming to Dr. Salter the past 4 years. When I first came to her practice, I thought I was on a downward spiral with no chance of return. I looked and felt terrible. I was overweight, high inflammation, hormones and thyroid out of control….a real mess. Since being with her, she has shown great compassion for my spiritual and physical health. She is extremely thorough in working through your protocol to find out what is wrong and then correct it. I tell everyone that it is because of her and the care that she gives that I am where I am today. My numbers have dramatically improved. I have lost weight. I look good and feel good. I appreciate everything that she has done to get me on the road to better health.

Linda Williams

I didn’t realize that my hormones needed to be balanced but since starting my VHIP Program I feel happy… So happy that I am singing again. My poor dog… while its bad news for my dog, it’s great for me. Also since starting the Pain-Free Naturally program, I feel I can move more freely. I don’t feel stiff any more. Before, my back and hips felt frozen. I am sure my late husband would have appreciated seeing me walk like a girl again and not like John Wayne.

D. Mckelvey

I am a professional mover, and after 11 years, I accepted the fact that the chronic pain in my lower back and both knees was going to be a regular part of my life . The average career span of a mover is 10 years, so I was pretty sure it was time to switch professions. My wife has been pushing for the last 7 years for me  to see Dr. Salter in regards to the pain and doing a comprehensive workup with possible knee injections. Finally, unable to continue moving with the pain, I decided to give  Dr. Salter a shot or give my resignation. Dr Salter made accommodations on her off time to fit me in for an appointment which included using the Bemer technology directly on both knees followed by Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) treatment. Dr. Salter could have been like most western doctors and given me  injections and sent me on my way; but during her consultation she found I also needed a spinal manipulation which took 2 minutes. As I was getting dressed I was shocked at how easily I was able to bend again. The next day I worked a 13-hour shift with absolutely no pain. A 2 hour appointment has me moving like I am 17 again.  Needless to say I will be there for my comprehensive evaluation and look forward to the different services she offers.

Charles W, Age 34

For three years I have had pain in my right hip; after just one FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent)  treatment the pain was gone and I was able to sleep through the night. I am so pleased with the results; for sure, I plan to complete the course of treatment and highly recommend this pain relieving therapy that is offered at The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness.

Ronald D, Age 62

I as a college student, I really appreciate having Dr. Salter as my concierge doctor because I am so busy with school and have late hours doing ‎work.
The fact that I am able to text her and get a quick answer is life saving. When I think of something I just text it instead of adding to my to do list which would only make me more stressed.
So not only does this kind of relationship limit stress it also helps you to get instant help when you need it. Dr salter is so wise she always has an answer for my concerns. I know when something is wrong or I’m not feeling right I can text her and she will fix it. That’s why having a good doctor in your life can really make all the difference.
She is the most intelligent and caring doctor I have ever had and I truly feel taken care of when I know my health problems are in her good hands. I live‎  across the country and could easily get a new doctor; but I know from experience nobody is as good as her. And with the ability to text her the distance ‎doesn’t matter. I go home for holidays and have check ups and the rest is keeping in touch at my convenience through text. A doctor that devotes her life to her patients and her practice like Dr. Salter does is rare; she is inspiring and she is a blessing. Anyone who has her as a doctor is lucky. They are in great hands.


I am a very active 43 year old. I own a real estate company, am married, have 2 daughters and lived a very happy life until 3 years ago. I was driving my car and had a panic attack. I had to practice driving my car again, it got to where I couldn’t hardly leave the house because my anxiety was horrific. I pushed myself to do the things I had to do but it exhausted me because I was so anxious from morning until night. I went to many Dr’s that gave me anxiety meds and none were effective. I researched hours and hours a day on the computer because I knew I had nothing to be anxious about so why was my body producing this symptom day in and day out. I was no longer myself and dreaded having to leave home. Although I was still anxious there, I wouldn’t have to “fake” that I felt good like when I went out. Finally, I found Dr. Salter. She was the first Dr. that realized I had a medical condition causing this and ran every test to figure it out. The results were in and I had a gene mutation and candida overgrowth. I started on supplements and I got my life back…FINALLY!!! I knew the cause and could move towards a healthy happy life once again. I thank God for sending her to me because I was getting very depressed and upset because I knew my kids and husband needed me and I wanted to be the person I had been before all of this. I didn’t know Dr. Salter before all of this…I found her online. I have to sing her praises because I had been to general physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, endocrinologists and had an array of testing and was always told I was fine. I am so thankful because 3 years of my life was living hell. She is a medical DR. and a naturopath. I have only had to take one prescription that is just temporary and the rest has been through supplements. She doesn’t pressure me to buy supplements on her website but does offer a supplement resource store and its easy to get a good quality supplement there. I researched what she had on her site and found that those brands were the top rated ones. I do buy some on Amazon and some on her site depending on price.

Stacie Wampler

Imagine seeing lumps on your throat (outside) and having a doctor tell you that you have nodules on your thyroid and your only option is to have part or all of your thyroid removed. Imagine having such tender muscles and joints that you have to ask your spouse to pick up heavy pots in the kitchen because it is too painful. Imagine being bloated over 90% of the time and feeling miserable as a result. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling like you have run 4 marathons because you are so exhausted.

That was my world until I met Dr. Salter. Because of Dr. Salter’s treatment plan, the nodules on my thyroid are shrinking, and I can engage in all sorts of physical activity without any pain at all, I wake up refreshed and ready to go, and my gut flora is now balanced! It is a miracle! I am so grateful to God and Dr. Salter for the healing that I am experiencing!

The following quote really sums it up for me: “Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.” Goethe

Before I met Dr. Salter, my world was extremely clouded and dim. My world is now bright, full of life, energy, and amazing possibilities. I now feel truly alive and vibrant! Thanks be to God and Dr. Salter!!!

To say Dr. Salter saved my life is not an exaggeration! When I first starting seeing Dr. Salter, my blood work showed a high risk for heart disease and breast cancer. I am only 48 years old so that was terrifying! After 7 months of following doctors orders, I have basically eliminated both risks! And I have lost 30+ pounds! I am a happier and obviously healthier person now that I am a patient at The Center for Vibrant Health and Wellness. Dr. Salter and her staff are kind, welcoming and always make me feel special. Yes, it is pricey but I AM WORTH IT! When you really break it down, being healthy is considerably cheaper than being unhealthy and sick! My trust in Dr. Salter and her staff extends beyond myself. All three of my children are now patients of her as well. Dr. Salter and her a staff are counted as blessings in my life!

Jill Key

Dr. Salter is the BEST!!!!! I have been seeing Dr. Salter for many years and feel so very fortunate that I can continue. She is very passionate about what she does and the patients she cares for. She is extremely knowledgable and is always learning new ways to help us be healthy and stay healthy. She spends as much time with you as you need. I truly believe I would not be as healthy as I am if it weren’t for her wonderful care and caring. She has a wonderful staff that is always there to answer your questions and do whatever they can to make you happy. I have so much confidence in Dr. Salter and her staff. I highly, highly recommend them!!!!! I love them all!!!!!


I really am grateful to God for you taking the time to treat me in 2011 and 2012. I will never forget sitting in the office and you praying with me and asking God for wisdom and direction for us both. Do you remember I was given 2 years to live without medication? I was determined to remain medication free. God did answer our prayers and I am relatively well today without medication. If I had known 10 years ago what I had learned in the two years you treated me, perhaps I would have never developed Scleroderma.

L. Donaldson

I feel that, with the guidance and expertise of Dr. Salter, I’m finally on the road to achieving improved health.

Mary K.

My experience with your new program has been wonderful! I’m starting to feel like a normal person again and have more energy!

Pat M.

I ride horses competitively and spend an average of 24 hours per week in training.  Since I was about seven years old, I had leg aches every night after riding.  My parents treated them with heat, massages and Tylenol so that I could go to sleep. As my training increased, so did the pain in my legs.  At fifteen years old, I finally went to see Dr. Salter to see if she could figure out what was causing this to happen. She took a bunch of tests but really listened to what I had to say too.  She asked questions that helped her decide what was REALLY wrong so she could help to eliminate the pain once and for all. Once I started eating what she suggested and drinking my salt water, the pain gradually got better.  Now, after doing what she suggested for two months, I am almost completely pain free.  She told me that food is medicine and now I think she’s right. …. That’s Freaky Cool .

Kendall Cox (15 years old)

I  was a 62 year old woman who felt like an 80 year woman when I began Dr Salter’s Concierge Wellness Program.  Once I started implementing her recommendations, it did not take very long before I began to see major improvements in my health. The Concierge Wellness Program has been the best investment in my health that I could have ever made.


Love Dr. Salter and Christine!

Sue Lott,

I am very please with the service I receive at the Center for Vibrant Health and Wellness. Dr. Salter’s experience and knowledge has really helped me maintain a level of health that I have not know in years. I especially like the personal attention and time that she gives to me as her patient. She is very accessible and responses to my questions in a very timely manner. I have never had a physician be that responsive to my concerns. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting truly professional and knowledgeable health care. It is important however that you do your part in the healing process, but Dr. S. gives you all the tools you need to do that.

Carol Marks,

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr Salter and the Centre For Vibrant Health and Wellness. Everyone is very professional and I always feel like they care about me

Karen Moore

I appreciate the very complete testing offered to uncover potential health problems before they fully develop. I appreciate especially that breast thermograms are offered, since two members of my family had breast cancer. I also appreciate that fees are reduced for long time patients.

Cynthia Hobart

Dr. Salter has an excellent blend of alternative medicine and family doctor at her practice. As a patient I felt very well cared for and appreciated her extensive testing and tailored approach to each patient. However, the monthly fee was difficult for our family—we would rather have paid for services a la carte. Also, it became mandatory to pay for visits in advance, which seemed inappropriate to me—I wanted to pay at the time of service. Some tests that I didn’t want were required in order to be a part of the practice. This bothered me, as I am used to being my own advocate and making my own health care decisions. I didn’t like the lack of choice in that area. For these reasons, I did not stay with the practice. However, I have not found any other doctor with Dr. Salter’s expertise in using effective alternative treatments. For this reason, I would recommend the practice to others.

Heather Stein

Dr. Salter is amazing! I have spent my whole life battling one illness after another with no one to be able to tell me what was going on. Then, I finally got to Dr Salter and after all sorts of weird and sometimes seemingly crazy tests she found all sorts of different things going on with my body. She just doesn’t stop looking for what is going on after one result, she keeps looking at why things are changing. She keeps redirecting your course along the way. Dr Salter is truly an amazing doctor. I know that she is pricey, and she’s worth every single penny. Dr Salter is just a life changer for people who are struggling with illnesses and no doctor has been able to help them. She found so many different things going on with my body sometimes the results were struggling to keep up with at the pace she was going. Given time to study a little of the explanations and results it started to make sense! I’m no doctor, but I found myself starting to understand what was going on with my body. Our bodies truly are fearfully and awesomely made! Dr Salter is God’s gift to me.

Julie Seiss

My experience with The Center For Vibrant Health And Wellness has been a life changing,eye opening, rewarding pursuit of excellence.

Viola Whitmore,

Everyone in the office is pleasant, polite and cheerful. Diagnostics were carried out efficiently and the results were communicated to me effectively. The advice given was mostly followed by me and the results were affirming. I trust Dr. Salter.

Janice Smith,

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