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Cynthia Hobart

I appreciate the extensive knowledge and experience that Dr. Salter has so that she is able to deal with all kinds of medical problems very competently, including my problems.

Denise D.

Dr. Salter and staff are very thorough in assessing the state of your health. She is proactive in prevention methods and spends time getting to know you while truly caring about your whole being.

Abigail N.

Abigail N gave The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness a 5 star Review

Bev D.

I had consistent arm pain which was painful to lift and visited Dr.Christine Salter Wellness Centre and received instantaneous treatment. I am so pleased with the successful outcome. No more pain!

John F.

Exceeded my expectations. Dr. Salter is a service provider that provides clients a standard of care that is so superior to the norm that anyone who experiences it, could not, in good conscience, continue with conventional protocols. For your health and happiness my friends, Dr. Salter is the solution. She is mine.

Carolyn M.

Dr. Salter and her staff are amazing. The knowledge that Dr. Salter has is extremely comforting. I must say that the costs are very high, but.....if I am able to heal my body/illness with her guidance it will be well worth it!!...

Denise D.

I want to be proactive with my health and maintain wellness before I have serious health challenges. Dr. Salter fully embraces this philosophy and offers services toward that end. She stays abreast of current alternative research and is continually learning about new testing and treatments. I feel confident in her ability to help guide my personal wellness program!

Beverly D.

I had shoulder pain for a few weeks and went To Dr. Salters medispa and got immediate relief So happy to lift my hands above my head!

Pam S.

Dr Salter and The Center For Vibrant Health and Wellness have provided me the most excellent healthcare experience I have ever had. With the desire to treat my chronic illness in a non-conventional way, Dr Salter's office has helped me to achieve a stronger immune system and a better outlook on life while facing a daunting and aggressive diagnosis. The doctor's incredible knowledge and wisdom, coupled with the staff's diligence to enable follow-through with protocols, testing, supplements, treatments, etc has been beneficial not only to my physical health, but also my emotional health. I rest in the fact that the entire team is working hard to produce the best outcome for me in the coming days.

Michelle T.

Michelle Highly Recommends to their friends & family!

Beverly P.

Dr Salter is the most thorough and most knowlegable doctor I have ever had. It is expensive but worth it. Can’t put a price on your health. The staff are also wonderful and caring.

Bonnie J.

First and foremost, Dr Salter has likely saved my life by noticing a spot on my shoulder that was melanoma. We have since been successfully treating breast cancer and circulating melanoma cells. You’d be hard pressed to find someone so willing to take the time to personalize your care and be available 24/7. She is a gem who genuinely cares. She’s continuously learning and adding to the services that she offers. She’s on top of the game! I don’t know where I’d be without her....