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Peggy J.

I am pleased with the Dr and Staff. They are very professional. I start the journey tomorrow.

L. Jordan

My appointments with Dr. Salter and staff far exceeded my expectations! I was treated with utmost respect and kindness by professionals who had my best interest in the forefront.

F. Wicks

We have had the privilege of having Dr. Salter as my primary care Dr. for more than 15 years. I have valued having the security of calling or texting with concerns and knowing I'll be contacted by her quickly. I have numerous times of being out of the country in need of medical help (usually gut-related) and her responses have helped give me confidence in how to proceed.
I also value her knowledge of alternative approaches and not being quick to just prescribe a medication.
It seems that her direction has helped in the aging process as I've noticed fewer medical complications than others my age. For which I am grateful.

Also, a shout out to her office staff who have always treated me with respect and care.

Based on my (F.) Wife's success (above) with Dr. Salter I began seeing her over 10 years ago. Under her direction, I saw improvement in my overall physical fitness, which included the loss of 40 lbs.
I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and greatly enjoy and appreciate understanding the science behind many of the treatments.
Dr. Salter's approach has helped improve my heart health as well, alongside my Integrative cardiologist.
I have great confidence that Dr. Salter's approach is well-informed as she regularly participates in continuing education.

R. Richardson

I have been with Dr. Salter for over two years. I came to the practice because my auto-immune issues (Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimotos) were badly exacerbated by COVID-19 and I was told by my other doctors that there were no treatment options. Dr. Salter identified the underlying issues through extensive testing and developed a treatment plan that has not only worked but has also helped me improve other areas of my health. I give every credit for my recovery to following her treatment plan.

I will continue to invest in my treatment through Dr. Salter's practice because I recognize that her approach to wellness is remarkable and measurably effective. She always makes me feel that she is invested in both my current and future wellness. She and her team look for underlying and/or emerging issues and take a proactive, non-toxic approach to addressing them. Deciding to invest in my health care has been undoubtedly the best I could have made. I can't recommend her enough.

Staci M.

I had no idea when I made that initial call in 2012 to become a patient of Dr. Salter’s practice and how it would be such a pivotal decision for my health and possibly even my life. I wanted to go to a doctor who also practiced functional medicine is why I signed on, not because I thought that I had anything going on. Based on some blood work and a thermography Dr. Salter sent me out for a diagnostic mammogram and an MRI, after believing my diagnostic mammogram was ok, the facility told me they had no reason to give me an MRI and I would be responsible for an extremely expensive MRI.
I shared this with Dr. Salter and she insisted that I, at the very least get a diagnostic ultrasound.
During that ultrasound, the tech was just chatting away and stopped suddenly and left the room to come back with two physicians. They brought my mammogram images with them and were comparing what they saw on the ultrasound in what was clear confusion. The next step was a biopsy and then down to Siteman where the Oncologist removed cancer cells from my breast. Sometimes, I shudder to think how that story could have been. Dr. Salter is constantly on top of further education and keeps very detailed in her testing. I love her at a personal level and not just as a doctor. Christine has been there since day one of my visits and wow, I am convinced she is capable of knowing or finding out any answers that need to be found when it comes to anything that helps with the “monies”. I am not sure she even knows that it is a gift she has. I love all the girls there and find them to be very personal, caring, and interested in you as a person not just as a patient.

J. Gibbs

Dr. Christine Salter is a very caring and very experienced medical doctor. She takes a personal interest in her patients and in improving their health to an optimal level. In my experience, in less than a year, and by following her protocol, my health has improved as evidenced by positive trends in my blood work and other measures. What I particularly appreciate is Dr. Salter's credentials and experience with naturopathic and chiropractic disciplines that she blends with her medical practice, and I also appreciate her ongoing education in medical advancements.

T. Schnellmann

After more than 15 years as her patient, I continue to be impressed by Dr. Salter's expertise and compassion; she's my medical guru. Since she started her concierge practice, we’ve been able to focus on testing and treatments designed for my particular health needs. I greatly appreciate her focus on keeping me healthy and treating the root causes of problems when they arise. As needed, she refers me to specialists in the “traditional” medical community, while also helping me to access the latest in alternative treatments. She and her caring staff are always responsive and dependable – they are truly my health partners.


I have been a patient of Dr. Salter for 12 years. The breadth, depth, and growth of her medical expertise is unprecedented. Dr. Salter continually incorporates the latest emerging techniques in healthcare. I know no doctor more dedicated to this unceasing search – literally traveling the world to train in the latest scientifically validated methods of treatment and prevention. I have often thought, “If anyone can find the answer, it will be Dr. Salter.” Unlike traditional medical practices which can sometimes be reactive, her proactive foundation in disease prevention uses many forms of testing to identify potential risks and trends before they manifest as disease, often long before traditional methods might have detected a problem. Of course, in addition to prevention, Dr. Salter also treats active disease states, often with multiple modalities. Her practice integrates a holistic blend of science-and-research-backed methods – both traditional and alternative. The practice even includes doctor-patient communication options which allow patients currently in her care to contact her directly as needed regarding their care – another unprecedented healthcare experience for me. To top it all, both she and her staff are genuinely kind, caring, people who – in addition to their professional expertise – routinely personally support me with their patience, understanding, courtesy, and genuine interest in my welfare. We are incredibly blessed to have Dr. Salter and her practice in our area.

Carol W.

I have been a patient of Dr Salters since 2006. I am truly grateful for Dr Salter and her caring staff. I believe she changed my life.

In 2008 I had a scary cancer diagnosis. I’m blessed to have regained my health. I believe Dr Salter's early detection played a part in this positive outcome. Fortunately, the cancer was completely eradicated.

Dr Salter helped me to regain my health. She researched effective healing protocols that are evidence-based and driven by extensive lab testing. As a result, I’ve been empowered with the knowledge and tools to maintain a thriving healthy lifestyle.

Before finding Dr Salter I sometimes felt lost in the health care system. Dr Salter took the time to truly get to know me as a unique individual and formulate a plan for me. She always strives to get to the root causes of deficiencies and imbalances in the body.

For anyone who has been challenged to regain their health and wellbeing while struggling to find answers I highly recommend Dr Salter.


I like her thoroughness and the in-depth update regarding my health.

Lisa B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Salter for many years. I cannot say enough things about how grateful I am for her. She has helped me feel better and always has the answer when I have an issue. She is kind and caring. Most recently, my husband decided to go to her for her Heart Healthy Program. Upon getting testing done, she found some red flags. She investigated and found out that he had kidney cancer. He had been followed by a kidney doctor for years and nothing had ever been found or investigated. He had surgery six weeks later and was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer. His follow-up revealed no evidence of metastasis as the cancer was still contained in the kidney when it was removed. I credit her for saving his life and he, and I, will be eternally grateful for her attention to detail and her individualized care. I believe that she has a great gift from God to heal people and I trust her completely. I hope that this testimonial may help others to know how truly phenomenal Dr. Salter is as a doctor and a person.


I was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer in January 2019. My oncologist started me on immunotherapy and radiation immediately. The disease had progressed very quickly and by the time of diagnosis, I was already quite ill. The introduction of immunotherapy and radiation made me feel even sicker.
I was barely functioning when I looked up Dr. Salter's practice on the computer.

Three things prompted my husband and I to reach out to her office:
1. Dr. Salter's priority of looking at the root causes of the illness and addressing those as well as addressing the disease at present.
2. The use of medical as well as alternative methods to irradicate disease and heal the body.
3. The availability to contact Dr. Salter anytime with questions and concerns. (I had received quite minimal help from the oncology department as far as understanding and dealing with all the side effects and cancer-related symptoms I was dealing with.)

When I began care with Dr. Salter, I did receive a thorough evaluation to determine the possible root causes of my disease. I learned about and employed a variety of alternative healing methods as well as receiving support with the medical treatment plan already in place through my oncologist. Lastly, having someone to help me and answer my questions was SO valuable to me in my healing journey, both physically and emotionally. I felt like I had a partner in my battle with cancer.

Carolyn B.

Dr. Salter, Christine, Michelle and Amber are the BEST team a patient could have. The astronomical amount of HEALING under their care is second to none!! Not only have I healed under their care, but every time I'm in this office I meet other patients THRIVING under the care of Dr. Salter and her staff.

Cynthia H.

I appreciate the extensive knowledge and experience that Dr. Salter has so that she is able to deal with all kinds of medical problems very competently, including my problems.

Denise D.

Dr. Salter and staff are very thorough in assessing the state of your health. She is proactive in prevention methods and spends time getting to know you while truly caring about your whole being.

Abigail N.

Abigail N gave The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness a 5 star Review

Bev D.

I had consistent arm pain which was painful to lift and visited Dr.Christine Salter Wellness Centre and received instantaneous treatment. I am so pleased with the successful outcome. No more pain!

John F.

Exceeded my expectations. Dr. Salter is a service provider that provides clients a standard of care that is so superior to the norm that anyone who experiences it, could not, in good conscience, continue with conventional protocols. For your health and happiness my friends, Dr. Salter is the solution. She is mine.

Carolyn M.

Dr. Salter and her staff are amazing. The knowledge that Dr. Salter has is extremely comforting. I must say that the costs are very high, but.....if I am able to heal my body/illness with her guidance it will be well worth it!!...

Denise D.

I want to be proactive with my health and maintain wellness before I have serious health challenges. Dr. Salter fully embraces this philosophy and offers services toward that end. She stays abreast of current alternative research and is continually learning about new testing and treatments. I feel confident in her ability to help guide my personal wellness program!