The Problem

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a common condition, estimated to occur in as many as 65M women in the United States. Vaginal laxity has often been overlooked as a contributing factor to FSD. It occurs when the tissues stretch during vaginal deliveries or relative to aging. Reduced collagen and elastin can lead to loose vaginal tissue, significant loss of lubrication, and the inability to experience orgasm.

As women age, their estrogen levels drop, particularly during menopause. Physiologic changes in a woman’s life may cause a decrease in vaginal muscle tone, damage to the pelvic floor, and devitalization of the vaginal mucosa. Collagen levels decrease with age, leading to wrinkled skin, weaker muscles, and urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is a common condition that affects over 20M women in the US. Despite its high prevalence, urinary incontinence remains vastly undertreated, with an estimated two-thirds of women with the disorder forgoing treatment and less than one-half consulting a physician.

The Solution

Noninvasive procedures to improve vaginal health are one of the most in-demand treatments for women. Novel non-ablative radio-frequency devices are currently under development to rejuvenate tissues without collagen scarring and have an excellent safety record.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Treatments

Improvement of urinary stress incontinence

Improved vaginal lubrication

Heightened orgasmic response

Reduce the size of the labia and tighten the vagina

Collagen is an essential component of the female pelvic floor—it makes up more than 80% of the endopelvic fascia’s protein content. Childbirth can lead to the destruction of collagen fibers, while aging slows down new collagen synthesis.

RF is an established modality for tissue tightening via stimulation of neocollagenesis, denaturation of collagen, contraction, and activation of the healing cascade. While it is proven effective on facial skin, RF is even more effective in naturally moist and well-hydrated tissue, like the vaginal and ancillary structures.

By harnessing the power of heat, these energy-based devices induce collagen production, vascularization, and growth factor infiltration that ultimately revitalize and restore the elasticity and moisture of the vaginal mucosa. Both stress incontinence and overactive bladder are relieved consistently. The tightening is immediate, and many patients are dry after just one or two treatments.

The Potential Benefits of Thermofield® Technology

Transfers over 700 times more energy into the tissue compared to wand-based RF devices

The applicator is completely noninvasive and covers the entire vulva and pelvic floor muscle

The applicator remains stationary and requires no operator intervention

The treatments are so powerful they can be administered through clothing

No downtime, the non-ablative technology gently heats the tissue allowing patients to resume sexual activity the same day

Maximum surface temperatures of 42°C (107°F) are comfortable and easily tolerated by patients – No Lidocaine cream necessary